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Dec. 24, 2010

It's Christmas eve, and Max is running around getting ready for the holiday family trip!

Forgot to update this the last little bit, thought i'd take care of it now.

Dream life is going on a short hiatus for the holiday,
going to take a bit of time to make some new pages
based on changed to the script i just came up with.
So this posting is the last page for 2010!
and bellow, i give you the page from the week
before! [so as to not spoil the end of act 1]

And the rise and fall of it all will continue on
through the holidays. Below is page 10!

And if that's not enough comics for you, go check out the last Hey Kids, Comics! post on Sequential for 2010!

Have a merry X-mass, happy holidays, and a great new year!

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posted by max at 12/24/2010 09:33:00 p.m.


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RevolveR, the web comix anthology of Salgood Sam

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