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Nov. 27, 2010

Today i drew a chew chew...

German train in the swiss alps

i think i can i think i can....

that's a bit of left over stuff from this.

In about, 3 hours, two new pages go live on my two web comic sites! Dream Life pg 54 [have you ever had one of these mornings?] & a bit more from The rise and fall of it all over on RevolveR. Check em' out.

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Nov. 16, 2010

Expozine 2010

OK, so it was a pretty fun weekend though i got nailed by the flue after all that.

Fist i want to say thanks to Nadia Moss for the loan of her wheels when i thought i'd left my stove on - it was all good in the end and i was able to grab my forgotten lunch too. Nice ride as well. Wish i'd had the presence of mind in all the chaos to go by her table when i was shooting clips, she was presenting some nice prints. Check out her stuff on flickr and this strange little video she did with Automatic Vaudeville.

As i mentioned in my fist post when I was stuck on the stage I had horrid sales. Managed to move to a great spot on the main floor day 2 and it made a hell of a difference! Easily three times as many copies of Dream Life sold along with several other books I brought. That helped a lot but the slow day one - normally i do better day one and a little less day two - means over all this was not really a very profitable expozine for me - covered my expenses but it could have been better had i gotten there early day one.

That sucked and so did getting sick. Gave me time to edit the video i took though. Sorry for the crappy sound, mostly could not be helped, cheep camera. Will upgrade some time when i have the spare cash.

So i shot a two part tour of event, talked to a lot of people, and below the clips here i'm posting links to as many as i can manage.

Part 1
Marc Taro Holmes posted the painting he's doing at the start of the clip here Jack Ruttan posted his own clip of Expozine stuff, see that here. Jacques Boivin links Bio on Books for sale here The trippy prints of drawings of urban landscapes next to him were by Way Magazine by Jennifer Hamilton The Parti Rhinocéros, Rhinoceros Party of Canada F. A. Nettelbeck's new book : Happy Hour Colon White Kristen Mccrea Poètes de Brousse Looper Projects - Allison Moore Valerie Sury Profile on the National Post site Frank Fournier - Détritus Lickety Split smut zine WORN Fashion Journal Robin Enrico, from Brooklyn, NY! MK REED Matt Reichmann online And a look at NU comix on facebook grab it at the Concordia co-op bookstore
Part 2
Doug Wright Award nominated artist, John Martz! Aaron Costain Dean Garlick (Anteism) Erik Volet's art Ivan Klipstein - of The Auroratones Sherwin "sully" Tjia ["i'm drunk man, i can't, i can't...] Conundrum Press table Daniel Ha Véhicule Press table Matrix Magazine table Kim Hoang of the Love Love Hill Collective Freelance Blues table Wonderfuls table
Eric Theriault Emilio Esteban Plan B, Université du Québec en Outaouais comic's program's student anthology. Fanzinothèque table New Escapologist Robert Wringham Shanti's Book of Panties By Samara Leibner Samara Leibner Jasper Jesse Bochner the Drawn & Quarterly table the anteism table Jimmy Beaulieu

and i lost track after that!

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Nov. 14, 2010

Expozine Day 1: First attempt at live blogging - FAIL!

So despite getting up early i was a little late getting to the event and thus lost out on getting a proper spot on the floor. Instead for day one i had a table on the stage with the poster artists. Not such a great spot, out of the main traffic i lost out on a lot of spontaneous buyers, really noticed the difference, a 3rd to a quarter my usual sales. Going to try to get in early for Sunday and grab a new spot on the floor.

A lot of people said sales were slow. Customers were looking a bit glazed over buy the shear mass of the offering, and it seems to be the pattern now ever since it became a two day affair: day one browse; day two buy in a mad dash near the end of the day.

Took some vid i'll deal with latter, and snapped some shots with my phone quick, here's a little look at the days events. Tried to post this from my phone while i was there but messed it up somehow so this here is my second try from home the old fashion way.

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Nov. 6, 2010

What I believe

The next time you feel like it's all just a big mess, and we're doomed. Take a good look up on a clear dark country night, take it in. Then take a look around you silly monkey, at the tools our minds have given us, and do something with them.

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