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Jul. 25, 2010

Dream Life 48

Page 48 went live today, with that Dream Life makes the full switch to TXcomics.

Some older short stories will continue to post on the old site, thinking about what to do with RevoleЯ. Keep it going for sure, wondering about starting to write stuff for others to draw though.

Also my mother amongst others pointed out there's a new Vertigo graphic novel sporting not just the same name as my anthology, but also the reversed Я! The authors personal tale even sounds like the plot to the rise and fall of it all! And the lead of his book is named sam too.  ;p

Funny, i'm pretty sure it's just dumb luck, stick around long enough and you'r bound to hear the same things a few times. There was a UK Revolver comic, in the early 90's.

Oh and a big congratulations to Cameron for his Eisner, best digital comic Sin Titulo!
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Jul. 11, 2010

the rise and fall of it all on the fabler

So some time ago i met Bruno Steppuhn, founder of - comics site and home to the very excellent fabler blog. It's a cool idea of a comics site, still in it's early stages of being developed but very promising from my talks with Bruno. They plan to have quite comprehensive services to help you self publish comics. I'll let them tell you themselves here.

One of the things he's doing to help kick start the site is holding a contest to get creators to upload content and promote it. As it happens i have some older stuff I've been meaning to get a few pages done on, that's just about perfect for the job i think.

The rise and fall of it all is a short graphic novel and multi media project i started in the early 2000's with John O'Brien, that got stalled and shelved and I've felt much self recrimination over.

Happily i think I'll have the time and means to get the next ten done to make the 25 pages needed to qualify, in fact about 4 or 5 are already and just lack lettering.

Unfortunately you do have to join the site to vote, it's kind of like Zuda that way. But if you dig what I'm doing and what to help make my job getting it done a heck of a lot easier and faster, then take a second to register, and vote please!

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Jul. 5, 2010

I like how this page came out.

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Jul. 4, 2010

Charles E. Burchfield does good city.

I just rediscovered Charles Burchfield. He was the subject of the latest James Kalm report, and a retrospective at the WHITNEY in NY...

He's a really interesting painter, i like his use of almost symbolic forms to represent movement, sounds, and the unseen. But looking around i was also really taken with his depiction of urbanism. And he took his time. I appreciate that.

Some highlights of his work...

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