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Jun. 19, 2010

Long summer days, page 38 and 39, stuff about plays....

Long summer days: Would be nice if they were more spent outdoors :P Been busy coloring for tuppence most of the time the last month. Some cool drawing for a Factor Grant project with a toronto producer coming up, but it's not going to be a summer of rest. Got some time to start penciling pages 48 to 51 over breakfast today, and do some walking.

Getting out a bit -- after 3 hours of non stop coloring corrections with the Editor and Designer for this Historical book i'm working on yesterday - not a normal amount of time at the desk for me, usually try to get up and stretch at least every half hour or i fold up like an accordion -- I was at the Fringe with Ange, saw Uncalled For presents: Hypnogogic Logic, and stayed around for the 13th hour.

Felt like an old man though, when the sound system drove me out with some kind of deep base house that messed my head and guts up Not that it has anything to do with nearing 40, I've always found excessive volume nausea inducing. But man....ouch.

The Fringe shows were awesome! Hypnogogic Logic was magical funny surreal perfect i love these guys. Ange is a huge fan, she's successfully converted me. Go see you must. Also, i bet this book had some small part in the works or inspiration, don't have the time to check that out but i'd guess maybe....

Comic! yes, ok.

So new Dream Life pages go up today,
you can read these last portions of chapter 2

on both Revolver, and the new TX Dream Life page.

Thats for page 39 today, with a story in the blog -
Here's 38 site one and two,
posted with clips of me drawing part of it.

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