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May 26, 2010

Dream Life page 32

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May 13, 2010

TCAF memories

Got in late/early today, sitting here as the sun comes up outside - travel always messes my sleep routine all up.

TCAF 2010 - big, lots and lots of books and i hardly got to see any of them, that's a little disappointing.

I was solo this year, so maned the table most of the time. Had thought i'd try to find time to got walkabout and make trades with the new Dream Life book, but never got it together to do it. Mostly due probably to being a bit frazzled from all the preparations getting ready this year.

Sequential Pulp 2 was a hit, though if we keep it up i'm going to have to double the run next time. I was down to just a 100 copies of the 500 run by day two, and those last ones went pretty fast, leaving me short of comps for some of the contributors. Will have to print up a handful for them to mail off! Nothing for it but to add a few more ads and expand the run some.

Did my bit it seems in making the case for Canadian cultural protectionism with Dustin Harbin, hah! Great post there by him. More good round up posts collected by Bryan on Sequential here too.

Sat on a crazy early 9:30am panel on day one with Dave Roman, Jim Rugg, Abby DensonJames Turner, moderated by Walter Dickinson.

James and Walter I've known for a while, and Abby too, met her years ago in NY, after a comic jam she led me to one of the best little pastry shops in Manhattan while telling my girlfriend at the time how to make home made pepper spray.

Was the first time meeting Jim and Dave. Later at the final wrap party Jim and i geaked out on Noir films and comics stuff to the point of driving Cecil Castellucci away :P :) And yes Jim, feel free to write with odd questions about tools and stuff. :)

Also had the pleasure of a long chin wag with Chris Pitzer, something about the southern pace makes for a relaxing conversation. Just the thing when your so run down you feel like a noodle.

Also spent a long time catching up with big Tom Fowler, met Kwanza from DC and gained a little insight into the possible fate of a project i submitted to them just before things changed there [there is indeed hope i think] - he seems like a cool guy too. Talked tons as always with the TX guys, spent a lot of my spare time with Kalman, Torie, Eric, and Andrew Wheeler, who I've met a few times now, and ended our night out Monday with an excellent impromptu reading of one of my fathers bit's of prose over dinner [audio clip is my laptop, not Andrew]. He plans to do podcast novels some time, i look forward to it.

Was able to pass several hero's copies of my new book, including Evan Dorkin and Jim Woodring, both of whom traded me back something of theirs in return.

Spent a dinner with Dave Howard, Ed Brisson, Shannon Gerard, and other Toronto friends [sorry, blanking on who else was there - there were several of you!]. Despite my faulty neurons, that was a nice wind down before the Awards.

After the Doug Wrights, I found myself invited along by Tania Gallant, and joining Jim Woodring and James Strumm for supper, along with Seth and Bryan, Dan Clowes and Peggy Burns. When not just being a Fly on the wall, spent much of the night again talking Nior films, prosses, and metaphysics with James and Jim. Really interesting evening.

To top it off, had a nice short catch up talks on the TCAF floor over the table with Don McKellar, who i met at the first Wright Awards. And Ron Mann who i think i had not talked to since he made Dream Towner, and used some of my fathers photos for the film. Both are quite pleasant guys, nice to see them wandering around diggin' on comics.

There's more to mention but i really can't keep track of it all, a bit amazed just to see all that written down now. What a weekend.

Also met with a possible client while in town, gig is not for sure yet but sounds pretty cool, video related stuff. hope it pans out. And there's other news, but that i'll save for next month!

And, i sold a good number of books. Not crazy, but i'm in the black. Really really good show. kind of amazing really in terms of time spent with other creators. Wish i could do this sort of thing all the time. TCAF is kind of like Burning man. I went to that in 1999, and as i walked around the desert i thought it would be totality impractical, but i wish life could be like this every day.

Along the way i heard Frank Frazetta passed away, great talent lost there. But if nothing else TCAF illustrates just how healthy the medium is these days. As Seth said in his awards speech, it was not that long ago that people were sure comics were going to die. Hah! no chance dude.

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May 6, 2010

It's here, and can be yours this weekend!

Hard to put into words how it feels to have this printed. New books are always good feeling to have done. And this project is no where close to being totally done, just about 10% or so. And i'm finding little glitches already i'll have to fix. But i've been working on this thing for a long long long time. So many things have gotten in the way of getting it done sooner, so to have anything completed now, oh man... I just hope i can sell as many of this edition as possible because, all my capital this month is tied up in it! :P So hey, come buy a copy! :)

Dream Life 
By Salgood Sam
self published – spilt ink
First run of 100 to be made available at TCAF 2010
Dream Life is the story of five friends, Charlie, Lionel, Lucy, PJ, and Dan. Each coming to terms with lives unplanned; in danger of going off the rails, or peter paned.
A biker named Garry Greenberg, a big blue tarpaulin wrapped box, a dog and a red head with no hair will force them each to choose a new path.
Part coming of age, part pulp crime novel, part odd to Charles Schultz.
This 48 page booklet collects the first chapter of the ongoing web comic including pages not yet posted online.

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May 2, 2010

Stuff is going on...

Hey all! So did you have a good free comic book day?

I hope the local shops did well. I'm kind of trapped by work right now and had to stay in.

Not sure if it has anything to do with it, people looking at more comics today maybe - but a good turn from a friend was the main thing. About 1200 new readers from reddit clicked on Dream Life and did a fair bit of page turning, thanks to Keiren 'MrsComics' Smith who first listed it! I suspect it might be that Mrs Comics. ;) Merci Keiren.

New page went up today by the way [as seen here].

Added the social network links to the site from it's birth a few months ago. My Facebook Group as been the work horse, 400 on it as of today, and a lot of daily visits through them. I have a fan page too here if you're looking for one. Digg has been anemic, i enjoy their vodcasts, but i think i can see maybe why a web comic hasn't been to the site's taste yet. More of a trailer and gag oriented scene i'm thinking. Stumble upon has been sending fair bit of trafic to me now and then, but i think reddit blew them away with one click. Clearly a superior web-comic listing is on Reddit! Looking at close to or more than 2500 page views in 48 hours. hope some translate to ongoing readers.

And a couple of days ago I added the first track in the 'sound track' of the comic, go to the cover, open the youtube link in a new page, hit play and give about 4 bars per page.

I also just wrapped up Sequential Pulp, sent it off to the printers - god speed! - 30 pages of awesome in the end, already spotted a few typos including the one the bottom of the cover. oh well. Hundreds of collective man hours in it, think we did good. Thanks to everyone who submitted both that got in, even just under the wire, and those that did not. There was a surplus of potential content which is pretty amazing news in of itself. And to our sponsors. We had a surplus there too. feels like people are feeling bullish about comics and TCAF, bodes well. :) It's super tight on Dream Life, I'm optimistic but it's a race to the line.

Something kind of interesting going on at Zuda. I just submitted something to them with Mark Sable, he sent me the link last night - this is big news for us. I kind of think it's going to be good news. In general for creators.

The way i see it, this probably means you'll be able to put more time into the work itself and a little less into anxiety expended in a pubic popularity contest. It sounds like maybe they will be moving towards an editorial board model or something? Which i have a lot of experience with. Used to those terms in general.
Interesting indeed.

Well, i have a crap tone of inking to do this weekend so out and over!

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