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Mar. 31, 2010

Dream Life and Sequential

Dream life continues afoot. Or no, it's in the air. well, whatever, :)

There was a rewarding surge in traffic when the latest page dropped. Need to get the last few dream sequence pages uploaded tonight. I posted a clip of script that was cut out along with page 16 today.

Just completed a total renovation and conversion of Sequential to a word press site. Came out well i think. Lot of new functions possible now, Bryan Dave and I have been throwing round a lot of ideas. Need to catch up with TCAF things but so far everything seems to be coming together.

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The wing nut's wing nuts are on the wing. But they can't outrun Rachel Maddow!

So I just want to say, when we depicted the end times in Therefore Repent, i didn't mean to say i belive in it! Nooooo, not even a little. We were taking the piss. But these crazy guys!! Fuck!!! Holy crap, you can't write it this bad. Check out the patch. Man.

But they could not outrun Rachel Maddow. Nice. If there were a god that would mean he watches her.

Good old Michigan. Don't you guys play in our rain dear games. Not unless you got some antlers.

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Mar. 6, 2010

digital painting for Dream Life

enjoying the coloring i'm doing for Dream Life right now, here's a peek at tonight's work.

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More Tainted Love Reviews and Popgun 4

Couple more reviews in for my last wfh job, not too bad!
Dueling Review: Ghostbusters Tainted Love
By: Robot Overlord | February 21st, 2010 -
Ghostbusters' Winston Zeddemore:
I'm Ready to Believe Him
By Karaoke Fanboy | February 23rd, 2010
Also reviced my copy of Popgun 4 in the mail, nice glossy brick.

Lot of comics to absorb in there, will write about it later when i do, haven't really had the chance yet.

The Launch party notice was listed on Boing Boing, Found an early review of it here, and D.J. has a press round up posted here.

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Mar. 3, 2010

gots' ya' comics right here...


hey buddy...

So I've been wanting to add comics to for a while, and was wondering how to go about it.

Then i realized, hey, i draw comics! duh. Been working on a graphic novel called Dream Life for the last while, and it's been begging for a better site.

To be honest I've been reluctant to use Sequential to promote my own work, feel a bit funny about it. But it increasingly seems the best way to continue doing both, and truthfully it was while working out how to get my own work out there that i realized there was a need for something like it in the first place, so of course i should be using it.

Over the last 6 months I've been trying to remind myself of that. I've Just added a new area to the site, a WordPress webcomics page, hosted at [rss] - for now the main attraction is Dream Life. I had been publishing it on Live Journal but it's needed a new easier to read/follow site for a while.

For the last week there's been a new post each day, after page 9 I'll have new updates every Wednesday.

I want to expand from there, eventually to be a fully online version of RevolveR. I'm still working out how Wordpress works, when i get it sorted I'll be adding an index for other stories of my own....

But if you draw comics, then consider this -

Sequential is looking for creators to publish on site.

If you're interested contact me about publishing your comics on Directly. Ongoing and short stories are both welcomed submissions. I want to leave the subject open on subject matter for the moment, but looking for good story telling and consistent work and i do plan to be picky. It would be great to have s traditional style strip to post right on the main Sequential blog too! Canadiana is very welcomed. Cheers - max.

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