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Feb. 4, 2010

One line of common wisdom...

...I've seen run true in my own lifetime, is that humans are boom and bust creatures, with a well documented tendency to ignore folly and run after the endless return. Not a revelation. Not everyone all the time or anything, but yeah, as a general thing just about all of us some of the time.

There's a real strong, but kind of late push towards electric renewables these days. But sadly we're far from braking point with Gass just yet. Got some more rev to grind out of those hot old hot rods.

There's also a kind of particular level of crazy fascination that we often associate with greed for things like gold, that inevitably heralds the bust of these booms. And that's what i thought when i saw this.

A rare Ferrari 250 GTO comes to market with a supersize price tag of $20 million dollars, more than a thousand times its original value.

It's a lovely machine without a doubt. not sure i say the same for the trend. A sexy growling herald of autopocalypse she is, all nice and red.


posted by max at 2/04/2010 09:03:00 p.m.


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