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Jan. 21, 2010

Inking, fast as i can....

Few days ago i saw a post by Cameron, then a gallery of art by some other friends of mine for a course they are teaching in Toronto. All inking stuff.

If you follow this blog you know i just wrapped up a wfh gig, and i'm trying to get in as much work as i can before a week long vacation in Toronto in February. Seeing that other work helped me get kick started inking some Dream Life stuff. Had a good day yesterday getting this done, and i penciled AND inked this tonight in one sitting! In all this page took about 4 hours. Helped it was a simple one mind you but still, like it when once goes that easy.

The music is by Michelle Breslin and co. from the last album recorded buy sadoceanspacebear before braking up as a group. You can hear more here.

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posted by max at 1/21/2010 03:06:00 a.m.


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