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Jan. 10, 2010

Fist post of 2010

Starting a few other new projects this year, web comics fully, & i have some Dream Life pages long awaiting inking. Hoping 2010 is better than the last one, dang '09 sucked.

I wrapped up the Ghostbusters book for IDW, bumpy ride but came out well. It's inspired me to do some work cleaning up my cleaner B&W work, look for that in the web comics i mentioned. Here's the press blurb and Diamond code for Tainted Love, there are two covers but that's not a gag, i asked to do one after they already had commissioned one from Nick. Click here for all my Ghostbusters related posts.
GbustersPg12panelsampleGhostbusters Holiday Special: Tainted Love
Story: Dara Naraghi - Art: Salgood Sam

Love is in the air-literally!-as Winston befriends an attractive woman with a ghostly problem in her apartment. But trapping the love-struck apparition proves to be more complicated than the Ghostbusters originally thought. Can Winston step up and save the day? Just how far will Peter go to find a date? And do Ray and Egon ever stop to think about girls, or is it always about trans-dimensional ectoplasmic anomolies with those two?

FC - one-shot - 32 pages - $3.99 - Diamond Code: DEC09 0906
Here's page one, the silly gangsters are not really a big part of the story, but Dara thought it would make a fun taster for you all. There's a little more art here.


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posted by max at 1/10/2010 07:25:00 p.m.


Blogger Jack Ruttan said...

That's a brill splash page. All the best, and much success in '10!

1/16/2010 12:44:00 p.m.  

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