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Nov. 25, 2009



It's been a while since i did a WFH deadline driven gig, good to be back at it though i'm a bit rusty with the time management it seems.

Word has been getting out so it's safe for me to post about it, doing a comic for the franchise of another one of my childhood favorites, Ghostbusters!

Re watched the movies of course, that was fun. Unlike many they hold up well today, really great films. Least i think so.

Hope i can do the comic version justice. we're not useing likenesses but i am trying to chanel the feel/type for the orriginal cast. The plot is a punchy fun short story, a valentines, with a hint of horror and cutie for Winston in it! Working with Dara Naraghi for the first time on this, with IDW. It's going a bit slow but the art i think is coming out looking good, eh? A long time collaborator Bernie Mireault is going to be doing colors for the interiours. I also got to go to town doing an alternate cover seen here. spent too long on it but it was worth it. Bellow i'm posting some other rough art and the group shot that got me the gig.

Written by Dara Naraghi, art by Salgood Sam.
Covers by Salgood Sam [seen right] and Nick Runge.

Love is in the air - literally! - as Winston befriends an attractive woman with a ghostly problem in her apartment. But trapping the love-struck apparition proves to be more complicated than the Ghostbusters originally thought. Can Winston step up and save the day? Just how far will Peter go to find a date? And do Ray and Egon ever stop to think about girls, or is it always about trans-dimensional ectoplasmic anomolies with those two?

32 pages, $3.99.


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