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Oct. 27, 2009

This week's Montreal Mirror cover.

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Oct. 20, 2009

Hell with all my friends, @ Salon du livre de Montreal & Expozine!

Was looking for info on something else...

...and found a message from Liliane, sent last year. Not sure i ever got around to posting it, nice little memior inspired she told me from reading Therefore Repent! Made me smile to read it again.
"In the late 70s, there was lots of new religions popping everywhere. They were selling their version of God to anyone who would listen. And mostly try to get the most people to flock to their enlighted gourous. They were recruting in every shopping malls come hell or high water."...

Just confirmed that i'll be at
Salon du livre de Montreal
for the first time this year.

Will be appearing with the author of (k), Sophie Bienvenu, Saturday November the 21st, 10h30 to 12h & Sunday November the 22nd, 13h to 14h30.

I'm just wrapping up final art for the BD on (k) today, going to ink it after i post this.
It'll be good to see Sophie again, not managed to for awhile.

And while book fairs are not typically as fun as the lunch looks to have been - missed that cus' i was in Toronto for TCAF and wasn't notified of the date till the day i was leaving town! Rats. - it will still be nice to have a part in promoting the book in the local book market. Just hope my lack of French skills is not too much of a problem.

November 14 and Sunday, November 15, 2009, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

We pack them in at the huge room in the belly of 5035 St-Dominique, Eglise Saint-Enfant Jesus, between St-Joseph and Laurier, a walk from, Laurier Metro on either Laurier or from the St-Joseph side, essentially on super trendy Boulevard Saint-Laurent. Near the home of the old MMCJ's, at Casa del Popolo.

Free admission for that one!

I'll have the whole flee circus out on display, and be doing sketches, drop in and check out the madness of Expozine!

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Oct. 19, 2009

Last cover for (k)

Wrapping up work on K and starting a new gig, pleased with this cover, also thinking i really should do some real t-shirt designs, be fun!

This one is supposed to be by the kid who's waring it, Kevin of (k).

It's a collage done of a skull, with a skateboard truck tattooed on it, wheals for eyes, and run through poster edge & the mixers. Didn't want to ink it by hand so it would stand out from my own work on the illustration to some degree, felt truer for the job there. But think i'll print it out to do it anyway! Could be done as a three colour silk screen i think....

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Oct. 6, 2009


Plunging away on #12 of K, looking at the last issue next week and looking for the next gig. Been thinking about pitching and talking to some editors about wfh work...


As always keep up with K on it's own sites here & here!

...I've been thinking about characters i'd like to draw if i were doing wfh. need to do some sketching later this week for that. Rocket Racoon and Ghost Rider are at the top of my list for marvel...

Did a set of character sketches for Dream Life last week, for a pitch pack as well.

character sketches for dream life
character sketches for dream life

I'll have a new post on LJ this weekend i think. See you then.

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Oct. 4, 2009

the Rated R Show

Gallery walk through of the Rated R Show, with Salgood Sam and Oscar the cat, for Sequential the Canadian comics blog!

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