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Sep. 23, 2009

1692 downlaods

"...fascinatingly unique, with characters that don't end up feeling stale and stereotypical."

It's nice to know people are still discovering my last graphic novel, the life span of books sometimes can be short. Therefore Repent! a post rapture graphic novel sold ok at the convention this past weekend for me, and now has 1692 downlaods on We recently got another positive shout out on Front Click, a Creative Commons legal torrents listing blog...
"Indeed, "Therefore Repent!" is one of those things that are too good to be true. It's an awesome graphic novel that has achieved critical and commercial success, yet, it can be read for free! It's good enough to make you want to buy a copy."
It's true, you can read the book for free, and we'd love it if you baught copies for your freinds during the upcoming holidays. See you at word on the street this comic weekend!

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Sep. 20, 2009

Con report birthday cards and ponderings...

So that was pretty fun, the 2009 Montreal Comic Con was a small fan con, with a proportionately large artist alley [to dealers room]. really good crowd Saturday, Sunday i got there late but the crowd was tepid in comparison too. About a quarter maybe to Saturday's turnout. All in all though good time. Sold lots day one, just enough day two to make showing up worth it. Made a video of the mania on day one....

Also someone at the con told me they knew it was my birthday this past week becuse they saw this, thanks Tom!

I spent some time watching Darwin work on commissions, he's got a really bloody-minded efficient system for rendering.

I've done that general kind of thing before but 10 years ago set off to amuse myself doing more personal work, it's both enticing and daunting t think about getting back into such a regime. But if i want to get things done faster....

been thinking about what to do for $ now that the illustration market is so dead, working some kind of WFH gig is on the table, talking with some of my friends on the inside it seems tempting and really - after part time dish washing for the last 6 months i'm about ready to do anything just to get back to being paid to draw full time.

Dream Life is still going to happen, but i need something stable to back up things. Always did want to draw Rocket Raccoon, maybe that idea for a one off i joked about is worth following up and pitching...

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Sep. 19, 2009

A Day one at the Montreal Comic Con

Footage taken on Sept 19th at the Montreal Comic Con By Salgood Sam for Sequential the Canadian comic news blog!

The show, in key word text!

Montreal convention 2009 buggy metro salgood sam gear train subway wrestler wokie hulk spidy guy in glasses citizen justice cat girl artist ally as seen on tv HEY surprise Jimmy Suzan Reign noumiwer tawilah 2d art evol evol cool deal optimum wound ideas armor 501st Legion Crowds kids Michael Lacombe rebel princess leia not Hulk troll in armor from starwars? lost my place, Oh hey it's Darwin Cook Karl Serge Herb Trimpe Maria de Aragon Jeremy Bulloch Boba Fett storm trooper scares a babby it a moving camera yes Wes Craig Tom Fowler Geof Isherwood Gabriel Morissette drinking water evil laugh Archie Show Shannon Leo Leibelman Asympotote cool looking strip It's video bilingual Hello Jimmy Beaulieu nice font I make comics under dressed bagarre fight comics international collection preview graphic novel mad man drawing 400 original covers aplomb Toycompany jose who has the time magic hat oliver christ prints big book manga renaissance Bernie Mireault

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Where you can find me this weekend!

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Sep. 12, 2009

Some old animation design work from Fakk2

In '98 i did a few months on the crew of Fakk2 in preproduction. Just posting a gallery of my old animation work i dug up this stuff, really enjoyed this, not so keen on the film that was made but had a great time doing this work. Thought i'd share a few of them here.

Animation Work done between 1995 and '00

More of these and work from Eek the cat, Sam and Max, Mangalatina, and Waynehead posted here on Flickr.

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