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Jul. 25, 2009

Summer pencil posting


A page from Dream Life i penciled last night.

it's been muggy here when it's not wet. Life has been doing that evolving thing a lot lately. New friendships, old affairs put to a close - don't have the energy to explain what should be obvious anymore to some, working out what's not for myself all over again. Cue 80's pop song.

Need to read up on some friends for WOTS, on a panel with them. Want to get Jeff Lemire's newest book, looks good - and re-read the Essex County Trilogy. Also bone up on the work of Willow Dawson & Evan Munday who i know but have only read a bit of work from.

Last week of July, going to go watch fire works tonight.

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posted by max at 7/25/2009 04:35:00 p.m.


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