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Jun. 23, 2009

Three good plays i saw.

bluryfringeSpent part of the last week volunteering for the Montreal Fringe as a runner, an in house Bike Currier.

Lot of fun, got 16 hours of exercise, 4 free plays, and opportunities to go to some fun sounding after parties. Mind you after all the biking i was not as energized for the after parties and only went to one for a short while. Getting to be an old man. Saw a young Ex lady friend recently and mentioned being almost 39 and I caught a far from subtle look of Disgust. Wow, so that's ageism. Fuckem'

Felt good getting all sweaty like that and three of the four plays i saw were really good.

'Red Bastard' was great and intense and i got him good with a Marry Poppins joke, he told me to shut up! He he. Great show, catch him if you can, sit in front, get touched.

'Reflections on Giving Birth to a Squid' was lovely, think it would make a very cool film. Think something by Wes Anderson. Met two of the cast members while doing my rounds. Mikaela Dyke is delightful in the lead roll. I had the pleasure of getting to say so to her while doing my rounds. She's far too self effacing and very believable and fun to watch on stage. And the full cast was really sharp - they had some cleaver props but it was a black box play using a lot of mime, costumeing and simple props. All three players were wonderfully animated but Sebastien Heins pops on stage like a cartoon character - i mean that in a good way. Ran into him in the street and shook his hand, even then, the boy has some intense presence. Jessica Huras was great as well and has a great monologue as a wana-be baby sitter. The story is brilliantly told. For sure a must see, glad i caught that.

'Dracula in a Time of Climate Change' is a very entertaining vaudevillian romp with silly dance sequences and all. Very entertaining, Scott Kettles as Dracula is dead on dead pan; Susanna Jones as Renfield is a scene stealer; and Cassandra Wittman as Lucy plays an interesting Tim Burton-esque character until spending the night with a pack of vampires and the lead comes in to the story, at which point she seems to take a back seat as a wall flower to the Dames-in-charge which was a little odd. The rest of the cast hold their own well, and the story is snappy and silly timely satire. Very good fun.

Both the later two for sure will be at the Toronto Fringe, worth the shekels!

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