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Jun. 23, 2009

Episode 3: Ce genre de fille-la & Thinkin' Chicken'

KpostersBook 3 of K is out!

you can preview some of it here, and this is the main site for the
book where there's another Vid by the lovely Sophie Bienvenu to see. 6 days till 4 if you're counting!

Saw posters for the series walking home from a fringe play - this is the second i've seen. The other was of book 1's cover announcing the series.
Atlas for the chicken brain pencils wtext

Due to give Sof a call, and get copies of K4 from the publisher. Will have to ask how it's doing, get some numbers. Hope it's good. Happy with the way the art's coming out. Need to get more of it done faster this month, but yeah.

Also this week worked on the first of a new short format comic series, seen here on the left.

This is just a rough draft with only crude sketch art, but i'd be curious about how it strikes people, please let me know by writing or commenting here or on flicker.

The theme is to try to help re-frame the way people see science and how it can apply in a non-dogmatic way to understanding their own worlds and lives.

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posted by max at 6/23/2009 02:55:00 a.m.


Blogger Skylark- said...

Interesting batch of projects going on - Cool animal strip - it reads fine - personally I find animal behavior really interesting, so I would have liked to have seen some more specific illustrations of interesting bird behavior, but maybe that's not the purpose....

7/03/2009 06:43:00 p.m.  

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