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May 27, 2009

K2 on the racks in 4:12:54......

Episode 2 of (k) is on the shelf in 4 days and counting, you can the seconds even on the home page here.

I got my own copies Monday and it looks pretty good, not totally keen on the font that was picked for the final lettering, but in the end not being functionally bilingual really it was simpler to let the publisher do it.

Saw them first in print at the post office the other day as i picked up my own box a week late after recovering from the festival.

It was stacked over with the magazines and smokes in its own little box. Later that day postering with a friend on my day off we past some giant ones for our series plastered on a large stretch of constructions sidings on Parc ave.
That was fun, the art for book one holds up pretty good blown up huge like that. I'll have to go back to get a snap shot of that to send to Sophie. For a gig that started off pretty badly it's coming out well for now. Ultimately required a degree of divestment on my part but so it goes sometimes. Having spent the last few hours noodling on some more DL pages, i'm thinking about the sketches i did for 4, trying to get into finishing them & wondering where the text for 5 & 6 are...

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