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May 27, 2009

K2 on the racks in 4:12:54......

Episode 2 of (k) is on the shelf in 4 days and counting, you can the seconds even on the home page here.

I got my own copies Monday and it looks pretty good, not totally keen on the font that was picked for the final lettering, but in the end not being functionally bilingual really it was simpler to let the publisher do it.

Saw them first in print at the post office the other day as i picked up my own box a week late after recovering from the festival.

It was stacked over with the magazines and smokes in its own little box. Later that day postering with a friend on my day off we past some giant ones for our series plastered on a large stretch of constructions sidings on Parc ave.
That was fun, the art for book one holds up pretty good blown up huge like that. I'll have to go back to get a snap shot of that to send to Sophie. For a gig that started off pretty badly it's coming out well for now. Ultimately required a degree of divestment on my part but so it goes sometimes. Having spent the last few hours noodling on some more DL pages, i'm thinking about the sketches i did for 4, trying to get into finishing them & wondering where the text for 5 & 6 are...

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May 25, 2009

A little more TCAF stuff

It's a blink and you'll miss it moment, but Therefore Repent! and Jim got a second on the screen in this cool WHAZAMO! Ontario Graphic Novel Month Video spot about TCAF. Got posted on boing boing and stuff :)

...yeah, i'm easily pleased, it's true. Kind of also just like using that trick with the posting code :)

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May 23, 2009

Dream Life 033 and a 'princesse dans le caniveau'

Something from the monster, made a nice dent in Dream Life over the last three days.

Also while i was at TCAF i missed the launch for episode 1, but i'm told it went well. The site for K went live, there's a vid intro by Sophie the lovely author of the book posted, and there also this one from page for the series on the publishers main site here. And i noticed the first issue can be read as a PDF to, you can find that here.

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May 19, 2009

Report from the desk:

Posted this on P&P and then relized i should put it here...

And a day of rest - geeeeezzzzz, man, came back from TCAF the hard way, had to get a cover and BD done for Monday, and almost, but not quite made it. lettering on the BD is temporary, the publisher is going to use their font once they do final edit.



Last week : TCAF was pretty awesome, though i have some mightily cranky notions about the building we were in - not a fan of the architecture, looks good on camera but where i was sitting, it was not a very human feeling space too me, never was a big fan of that one - i sat right under where this was taken from.

But a lot of people loved it and I'm told the library is ecstatic about the festival and provides the space happily which is not how the last place treated them so that's great for Peter and Christopher! Probably will grow on me, i just really loved the old Vic building we were in, had great feeling about it.

Saturday was insane! I mean packed! wow.

No one seemed to know were the ac controls were + i had been up pretty late Friday night being social as well as hulling 525 magazines clear across town and back again on foot [transit] Friday afternoon/evening to get to the Seth reading.

I had also chosen to wear something semi formal involving a jacket. = i was wrecked after day one.

Susi diner saved me and had a good time at Chips launch. His new book looks really sweet, hope to actually read a comic soon, it's in the short stack.

Day two was more mellow, and cool enough i didn't think about taking off my sweater, which it looks like i should have - this was all nice till later on when it was clear the sales were going to be slow.

Despite repeated attempts i was unable to crack the boredom by starting a rubber band war with Craig A. Taillefer, who just gave me funny looks. yes, that look exactly. Brian Evinou & Liz Baillie were grate neighbors, Brian did a lot of drawing. If i hadn't been so burnt out both days i might have felt bad about not being into it!

Last minute scramble to spend money in the last half hour left me with a small profit i spent on mothers day dinner. I bet folks with brand new books to sell did well. Also moved I'd say about 450 of 525 copies of the free Sequential magazine which were well received for sure. Got a short list of people who want to be in the next one if there is one.

The After Party Sunday night was nice, and i had a good time hanging out with Eric Kim & Co. Monday. Met a whole bunch of cool people on this trip in fact.

Had a few days off to see family, and got some sketching done. Missed my buss, took 12 hours to get home in all and crashed har

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May 15, 2009

TCAF 09 report, sort of

I published the magazine, but didn't really do any reporting of my own After the show, so instead check out the insane collection of links Bryan and I have been collecting on the blog from the show...

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May 9, 2009

Come find me at TCAF!

Hey gang, last minute posting! So it's that time of every two years again, come on down to the Toronto Reference Library and find me in the pile of comix creators and cool going's on at TCAF '09.

I'll have piles of my old and not so old art - some of these, those this and that to sell. And even cooler, a whole lot of THIS to give away totally free!
Yep. And Buttons too, oh my!


See you there!

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