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Sep. 11, 2007

Therefore Repent! a post rapture graphic novel

written by Jim Munroe
drawn by salgood sam

Jonathan Ellis @ PopImage

"...the type of book that will have you flipping through it again and again."

"...sure to be one of this years highly regarded Original Graphic Novels."

Victor Schwartzman @ the Guild of Outsider Writers

"Unfortunately, I opened the book and looked at the first page....this is the damn problem with this damn book - you're screwed if you read the first page.... ....then have to read the second. And the third..."

"This is a novel about the magic within all of us, about what stops us from realizing we have that magic, and how we can find that magic again and use it."

Based on charicters established in his novel
An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil and set in Chicago, after the Rapture.

In the tradition of The Book of Revelations, Therefore Repent! is a dark fantasy tale, but Jim also says he's always been a fan of the kookier parts of the bible ;). Expect healthy doses of magic realism, some demons, taking animals, angels, mummies and ravens made of ash. You can real a preview of the book here on ComicSpace. And all the news posted on the blog about this book is here for your easy reading pleasure!

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