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Sep. 29, 2008

Shuffleboil Reviews Therefore Repent!

Been running about madly and forgetting to promote the book, bad max. Ok, got another cool review here by John E. Mitchell, adding it to my big BIG pile of clippings....

The Rapture has provided adventure fodder for those who believe in it - I'm looking at you especially, Tim LeHaye - as well as those who don't. To the best of my knowledge, though, it's never been depicted as anything other than exactly what is happening. God has taken all the Christians away to Heaven and the Earth is ruled by the Anti Christ, with the Final Battle soon to follow.

In "Therefore Repent!" Canadian team Jim Munroe and Salgood Sam depict a post-Rapture world where nothing is for certain. The creator turn the bizarre religious belief into a science fiction scenario that has the characters actually searching for explanations beyond the accepted one while still working within the parameters of popular legend we all accept, either with straight face or with conspicuous snickers.

Raven and Mummy are two bohemian performance artists who wander around in their performance costumes. Squatting in an abandoned apartment in a little urban neighborhood, the two become acquainted with their surroundings and the other people left behind. One of the givens of the Rapture is that it would create a world populated mostly by artists and ne'er do wells, at least among the respectable crowds.

Munroe and Salgood also play with the likely post-Rapture psychology in regard to reactionary acting out that provide daily dangers and annoyances to the survivors. The Splitters are a group of people who believe there will be a second Rapture and they have one more chance to follow Jesus. Meanwhile, religious militia with names like "God's Faithful" roam around spreading dread.

There is one way to read the Bible - that is between the lines and asking simple questions like "Who is God? What's his story? Why's he so vague about where he comes from and what he wants?" While "Therefore Repent!" may not be moving down that road exactly, it's certainly in that spirit.

The story's conclusion recontextualizes the circumstances of the Apocalypse in an inventive and fun way - oh, yeah, and it's kind of corny. But good corny. The kind of corny that twists things inside out and lays out some intriguing possibilities as it unfolds. The kind of corny that's missing from the eye-rolling corny that infects the belief "Therefore Repents!" lampoons.

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