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Jul. 3, 2008

Exclusive preview of Upside Down

So as i was saying, here we go.

Thanks to Tori and Rantz, we are very honored to present Mark and I's upside down interpretation of Upside Down [vid]

It's been posted on MySpace Comic Books site today as a preview for the book. You can read it all there! :)

Mark and I are working on an interview with each other to be posted soon to go with this.

This was a great short story to work on, I'm very happy with how the collaboration with Mark tuned out, very excited about this one.

Comic Book Tattoo is going to be an amazing showcase book, i haven't read the other stories yet, but i've seen lots of the pages here and there - the book looks amazing!

This is the first of three anthologies I'm going to be in between now and December, what a way to kick things off.

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