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Jun. 16, 2008

Therefore Repent! update

Damn it's Damn sweaty. I tell you, I have a beautiful lady with me and we can even stand to touch each other in this - that's just wrong.

Ok, think about something else.

So big news! A little while ago the first quarter update for the IDW edition came in the mail, and I'm very pleased to say we had a very respectable first go at the plate - with book and direct markets combined; the book market pulling over twice the numbers; Therefore Repent! has moved 3216 copies! Add to that NMK's 1000 so far, and you get 4216 post-apocalyptic graphic novels, ha ha ha!

Cool. As I have been reminded, the book market orders can boomerang on you, but in a lot of the shops that had it that I've been in, it seems to be moving pretty good so I'm optimistic about that.

Also was talking to a Literary agent recently when I mentioned this, and he thought there was a good chance 4000 was an ideal middle number - not so many that sending them back in most store's cases would be worth it - a lot of single units left over not worth the hassle - and still big enough to result in us getting a decent first royalty check.

At any rate they hold back half our checks right now in case they do come back, and even with that I'm pretty pleased.

So, hey, if you have been thinking about getting it, well I'd sure love to see those numbers stay hi so don't hesitate on our behalf ;)

If you want to get one signed by Jim you can order from NMK here, & IDW makes it available on their site too.

I have a list of shops I know carry it here, and it seems to be in most of the mega book shops i've checked out. And most of the web based book retailers like Amazon carry it too.

But hey, if you want to help us a bit, look for shops that don't carry it, and ask them about it! Tell them Junot Diaz thinks we're nuts and loved it, that'll get their attention. ;)

Read the press.
Buy the book.

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