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Apr. 26, 2008

Junot Diaz thinks Jim's completely nuts

Got a note about this just before leaving for NY, which was cool; when i told folks like the literary agent i talked to at the con that a Pulitzer Prize winner name dropped my last project they tended to take notice. So yeah, Junot Diaz was interviewed by THIS RECORDING April 10th, and when asked about what he's reading lately this is what he said...

In terms of genre fiction, are you getting to do any reading for pleasure?

I've have been reading tremendously. I'm sort of recovering from book-novel-whatever... right now, I'm reading this book called THEREFORE REPENT! (Laughs)

Does it have an exclamation mark at the end?


What's it about?

It's completely nuts. Of course you haven't heard of it. It's by a guy named Jim Monroe and it's put out by a small press. It's a book about what if the rapture actually happened, and that's all I'm gonna tell you.

Cool. Much thanks to Junot! So I'm going to have to go find some of his work and have a look, I'm told he's an amazing author, as the Pulitzer would tend to suggest.

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Apr. 13, 2008

New York New York

Hey all, I'll be attending the New York Comic Con this upcoming 18th, 19th and 20th, to promote Therefore Repent! and other stuff in Manhattan.

I will be appearing; *pop*, imp like; on Saturday from 3 to 4 pm with 'Man of Action' Joe Kelly at the Image booth to do some sketches and stuff.

& Sunday I'll be hanging out with my friends at Indy Spinner Rack from 1 to 4pm along with Alec Longstreth in podcast ally.

And finally on Monday the 21st from 6 to 8 pm at Jim Hanley's Universe [4 West 33rd St.]
I'll be joining pirate captain RICK REMENDER (Fear Agent), TONY MOORE (The Exterminator), & GREG THOMPSON (Sinbad: Rogue of Mars) for the JHU's "NYCC HANGOVER CURE".

So see you in Manhattan!

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Apr. 9, 2008

Therefore Repent & the NYCC

Hey all, some nice stuff for the clip pile here; stumbled across this a bit late, Comic News Insider featured the book on their weekly top three list when it came out in January. This is a clip from Episode 125 - Tue, 29 January 2008!

I'm Going to be at the upcoming New York Comic Con - April 18-20, 2008!

I'll be joining my pod cast collaborators Charlito and Mr. Phill at the ISR table, and doing an hour or so of sketches and signings at the Image table too.

Also i've confirmed with Vito, I'm booked to do a singing for Therefore Repent! on the 21st the Monday after the con with my co-creator on Sea of Red, Rick Remender (Fear Agent) and Tony Moore (Walking Dead) @ Jim Hanley's Universe downtown store in New York City [map]! If your in town i hope you can make it out to the store.

Also really look forward to meeting the guys, Tony did some awesome work on my covers for Sea of Red, I've worked with both of them but i haven't met either of them in the flesh so it's going to be cool to actually encounter the real people! Hope it goes well :)


and last...

And we got a nice short blurb in the March 2008 issue of Rue Mourge!

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