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Jan. 19, 2008

Dream Life on Livejournal

dreamlifeI've had a fallow blog on Live Journal for a few years, but i never found a good use for it, other than cross posting from my home page here.

That's not so great so really i just didn't use it. But as i considered how to distribute my new book online, i thought about how groups i've been admiring such as Act-i-vate and Transmission X have been doing things and hit on making use of the old LJ blog.

So I've cleaned out the old crap and started posting it there. I'll continue to post work in progress for the book on flickr, and the book will have a page on Comic Space too. But LJ will be it's full time residence from now on. The XML feed is here!

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posted by max at 1/19/2008 03:43:00 p.m.


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