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Jan. 27, 2008

Had to pick up a new scanner

Was out for lots of walking today, brunch at a diner then off to exchange the scanner.

After that spent a few hours working on a short story gig that's popped up. It's top secret but very cool! Made a lot of progress visualizing the story and imagining the characters. Going to be a pretty one i think, like what i came up with.

Scanned a few inked pages later when i got the replacement scanner hooked up, posted those are on Flickr.

The hits have slowed a bit, but I'm happy to welcome a bunch of new regular readers to my new Solo project, Dream Life. about 700 of you have visited this site in the last few days, 3800 of you at flickr, and i have a lot of new friends on live journal and flickr.

Thanks to you all! The feed backs has been really positive, very encouraging.

I've found the rss feed for that as well not so you can add the comic to your reader. The XML live journal feed is here , and the flickr page is hear.

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posted by max at 1/27/2008 04:38:00 a.m.


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