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Dec. 16, 2007

We always knew politics was a comic affair | In the season's harvest of graphic novels, Nathalie Atkinson finds that the personal is political

Got a mention in the Globe and Mail weekend books section! Not exactly raving but they liked it, and got the point of the story i think for the most part nicely - though I'd split hairs about the solders being strictly evil...

"In Therefore Repent!, by Jim Munroe and drawn by Salgood Sam (No Media Kings/ECW, 160 pages, $16), the vision of the near, post-Rapture future is more surreal. Jesus is Dubya's White House sidekick (they are on a cross-country evangelical-political tour), but the book focuses on the lives of average people, mostly through the relationship between Mummy and Raven, a couple who are "left behind."

The heavily shaded artwork is often busy and over-detailed, but Therefore Repent! is also filled with its own rich collection of small details. On a subway map, many of the stations are crossed out by hand, a medium channels the Internet rather than spirits, and a group called "splitters" believes the second phase of the Rapture is imminent. These details often pose more questions than they answer. Why are the angels, who look like present-day young American soldiers, so evil? Why does magic now work? How is it that a dog can talk? Much is left for the reader to fill in, making the work stronger and more interesting."

Can't please them all, but it's a great nod just the same i think:)

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