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Dec. 29, 2007

Therefore Repent! Review on The Outhouse

After getting some high profile but middling reviews of my work recently, it's nice to have someone not be put off a bit by my detailed art...

LINK: I recently received from my awesome retailer a free advance sample of Jim Munroe and Salgood Sam's Therefore Repent. It is a self-published graphic novel about the survivors of the rapture, those left behind and not taken to heaven. I think it's a really interesting take on an apocalypse-based story. I've read the Left Behind books (the entire series) and I've spent a considerable amount of time reading about the "end of the world" in the bible. In fact, my dad spent a lot of time reading about prophecies and we had many discussions about it during his time. So with my apparent interest in the story, I ordered a copy and received it in the mail yesterday. Of course, I read it right away.

The story starts out with the main characters, Raven and Mummy, who have to deal with their relationship in a new setting in post-rapture Chicago. In a similar fashion to comics like Y: The Last Man or Wasteland, the narrative spends a good deal of time setting up what the world is like after the apparent crisis, and Munroe does a find job establishing a world that doesn't seem as grim and hopeless as the bible does. One of the big details is that magic now works after the rapture, but those who do magic risk being grotesquely deformed for it. I really like this idea because it seems to really work with the biblical "Devil's time on earth" stuff that the book of Revelations spouts. I also like this because it adds depth to the characters in the book. Salgood Sam's art on these characters just tattoos your mind because he draws them so well.

So we have Raven and Mummy, two characters who use magic, and become deformed for it. I found that the relationship between Raven and Mummy being the central focus of the narrative to be well executed, and that the setting blending in around them works so well with the intended message or finality that Munroe has in the story. The end of the story may seem preachy, but it attempts to put a different spin on the way God works and the whole reasoning behind the rapture. It spoke to me and my own personal beliefs and yet it was not preachy at all. It was a very pleasant ending. Salgood Sam's art is fantastic. I'd first seen his work on Sea of Red and I thought it was quite fascinating. This book is no exception and I actually like it a lot more. It may be in black and white, but his art really tells a story and if the word balloons were taken out, this story could thrive on his art. I really enjoyed his dog drawings.

If any of the rapture stuff interests you, I'd recommend this book. It will be available for release in 2008 from IDW, or you can buy it from Jim Munroe's website It's really a nice book to read and I'm glad to have come across it. I've passed my sampler along to someone in hopes they will enjoy this book as much as I did. Oh, and if you do buy it from Jim's website, he autographs it and writes a little something, which is really neat! I think all writers should do that.

And don't forget, the 15th of Jan, our IDW edition hots the comic shops. If you haven't pre-ordered yours please do, more we sell this excellent book [thats not hype, I'm very proud of this book, think we did good here] the more time i can work on the next one before i have to think about the next paycheck.
The Diamond catalog # is NOV073660, ISBN:978-1-60010-146-1.

Happy new years and best of luck in the new one!


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