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Dec. 31, 2007

Isotope : A Post-Apocalyptic...Relationship Drama?!

Link: A short Preview for the IDW edition of Therefore Repent from the folks at Isotope comics in San Fransisco.

When I first heard about the book, an original graphic novel about a post-rapture world in which magic works, thoughts of the terrific Strange Girl by Rick Remender (who actually worked with Therefore Repent's artist Salgood Sam on Sea of Red) popped into my head. But after reading the preview for the book I have to say that despite the similar Hollywood style pitch, no two books could be more uniquely different.

Therefore Repent! approaches the Rapture in a very interesting human manner, despite the fact that our tour guides are a bird-headed girl, her mummy-wrapped boyfriend, and a talking dog. Yes, I know... I tend to not like the talking animal books either. Like I said, this book really surprised me!

Juxtaposing between oddly normal moments, in this case taking over a raptured couples' apartment and clearing out their garbage... with the violent retribution of the angel militia that still police those left behind, author Jim Monroe serves up a thinking man's look at the post-rapture apocalypse. And it's hard not to sit up and notice a book that so artfully explores the fundamental truth that even in end-of-the-world conditions our relationships, both good and those falling to dust, still take precedence over all else.

Really not like anything else out there, and definitely worth checking out!

Sweet, and to add a layer to this, i don't know if they know this, but i was also briefly going to do the art chores for Strange girl, if i had this would have been even more interesting a contrast between books.

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