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Nov. 7, 2007

Work in paper and waves

Been trying to get stuff ready for Expozine, but ended up being up late working on mixing down ISR #99, messed up my plans for today. Got to get on it. Got some books to print and was thinking buttons....

Right, so in case you missed it the big Zine fest, the monster of Indy Montreal, EXPOZINE is coming up. Two days this year, by popular demand. Being run by da' man, Billy Mavreas.

We has high hopes.

Going to go in a double capacity, along with my new Graphic Novel, I'll be taking a list of people I want to put a mic in front of for a quick 5 questions routine to post on Sequential and maybe include in a podcast or two to come.

I will be there with Therefore Repent! of course, and think I'm going to plan for a signing shortly after Expozine, want to book it so i can make fliers for the show to have at EXPO. So come to the show and get your hands on a copy of a book people keep telling me they can't seem to put down.

In other TR news, as well as still being available for a steeply discounted pre-order on Amazon, the IDW edition is listed in this months Previews! Will try to find out the order code asap!

You can
still order the book now from NMK, but soon it will be hitting the comic shops all over - January 15 2008 is the date!

I have to take some time to spread the word on that in the next few days. But please, anyone reading this feeling like pitching in, it will be much appreciated! :) Bug your comic shop clerk to check it out.

And don't forget, there's the massive 60pg peek at the book here to have a look at, and you can win a free copy too!

In other news; Keep and ear out for a Radio spot i did this weekend for Therefore Repent! during Indie Spinner Rack Issue #99, with help from Cass and Bernie Mireault! Going to post it here probably in a few days too. Just a last min swing at the thing for ISR #99. Will be taking some time to refine it and maybe do some others as well in the next while so i can send it out to a few other shows too.

And about the references to ISR #99, the show is a fun comix podcast I've been listening to for a while, and recently offered to pitch in and edit a few episodes for while tec and host Charlito is busy with an off Broadway play! Doing it for fun, love working in sound. But it also gives me a great excuse to do some reporting on Expozine and of course i get to promote my baby too, nice deal all round for me i have to say. ~B-) sweet. completed the first of my episodes this morning, it will go up Wednesday here.

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