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Oct. 3, 2007

Chris Pitzer likes talking dogs

It's not very common for publishers to talk about other's books on their own site - maybe it's a reflection on how small the comics world is, or how generous Chris Pitzer of AdHouse Books is - but regardless he reviewed Therefore Repent! on his blog today! Wow.
Nice way to wake up huh? Made my day.

Chris is an expert in good taste too by the way, look at his line of books if you doubt me! Beautiful line, I'd be honored to have one of mine handled by him so all the more honored.

Here's Chris's post for my clipping pile...

I can't recall if I've talked about other books on ye' blog or not, but after a reading marathon of one title I particularly liked, I thought I should give it what little press I can…

Therefore Repent! by Jim Munro & Salgood Sam.

Given the magic of the internet, I've heard about this book for a while. I'm not exactly sure when it came out, but I know the two of them have been burning up the web with announcements, events and samples. And, yes, it's all worth it.

The book deals with the world after the Rapture. Now, I know next to nothing about the Bible. But I find the myths, symbols, parables, always fascinating. I'm sure THE CRUSADERS left a good impression on my young mind. (Where have all the babys gone!) Now, just dealing with the rapture might be enough of a hook, but Jim and Salgood do a great job of characterization from the very beginning. The two protagonists are so interesting that I had to keep turning page after page to see what and who they were. And yes, Salgood can draw like nobody's business. There's some "meat" to his drawings, if you will. They feel solid.

Anyway, throw in a talking dog (spoiler?) and how he can talk, and I give this book two thumbs up.

I can't say for sure, but this might be a series. If you're interested in possibly checking this book out, my pals at IDW are publishing it in the states, and Jim and Salgood have published it in Canada via No Media Kings.

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