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Sep. 11, 2007


Script By Allan Neuwirth & Glen Hanson
Art By Salgood Sam
Colours by Bernie Mireault
Letters by Kurt Hathaway
Edited by Andrew Helfer
Published in 2000 by DC COMICS

This 48pg trade was my First Graphic Novella.

"Actress Brenda Kelly is Wonder Woman!

At least in the weekly movie serials of Hollywood's Golden Age.

But as America turns away from the threat of the Axis and declares a Cold War on Communism Brenda soon finds both herself and the character she plays being used by politicians to further their own careers while destroying the lives of innocent people.

Among theme Brenda's screenwriter boyfriend, whose career has effectively been ended by the policy Brenda and Wonder Woman have helped to promote.

Can even the so-called Wonder Woman save the man she loves?"

Done entirely with a Brush, the art on this book represents an intentional stylistic echo on my part of 40's comics and the drawing traditions of H.G. Peter's original comic.

Bernie Mireault & I worked closely to choose a color palate for this book that captured the look of early comics, & the first Technicolor films that Brenda Kelly would have been dreaming of being the star of.

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RevolveR, the web comix anthology of Salgood Sam

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