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Sep. 11, 2007

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines | Inking

Beckett Comics
Script Ivan Brandon
Pencils Goran Parlov
Inks Salgood Sam
Colors Paul Mounts


At the time that i did this, it was probably the biggest book I've ever been involved with numbers wise. The first issue, where most of the art on this page comes from, had a print run of 200,000 copies!

It was also the largest inking job I'd ever done at 80+ pages. Normally i just draw my own comics, but at the time i needed work and saw a post on the old Engine, and responded.

Did a test and i was in. And though there we a few hiccups in the schedule, when the pace was steady I found that it wasn't hard to do 2 pages a day minimum, & often I was doing 3 to 4. Bit monotonous compared to drawing your own book, Inking. But it was also very educational working with Goran's very refined story telling and construction. Proved a good exercise for my own work when i next drew the Rise and Fall of it all.

The gray is a shadow guide for the colourist

-I'd ink the panels broken up and printed onto 8x10 inch squares of card stock.
-I'm not inking the original pencils this way which has the benefit of making it a lot less of a problem when mistakes and accidents happen.
-Then I scan the panels in and use the scan of the pencils as a guide to lay them back out in the proper order.

The first 6 pages shown here were done with a larger brush, my own personal preference in general. The rest show work done with Drawing pens and a fine brush [oo] as requested by Goran who wanted a more drafted line. The change over occurred in stages between the 15th & 26th pages on book 1.


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