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Sep. 6, 2007


Years ago when i first started visiting Montreal, Rupert Bottenberg introduced me to a fellow young Jewish lad name of Josh Dolgin.

We talked a lot over the years, and i always liked the guy, eventually I ended up living a few blocks from his place and would drop in from time to time to say hi. His pad was always hopping.

The guy is inspiringly creative. First off he's a DJ, and Rapper. Did a lot of sampling and turntabling and had really interesting eclectic taste. He was also a classically trained musician, and played a squeezebox too.

If that wasn't enough, he likes to doodle some, does a lot of collage, and some animation - there was a project I worked with him on doing storyboards for a shot film grant proposal they got and made, you can see that here.

He also makes documentary films, a fair bit of that really, lately with the NFB.

And to top it off is really amazing with slight of hand tricks that he obsessively practices for hours on end. Its not just a hobby, he performs as a magician sometimes. When I held the first Monthly Montreal Comix Jam for my 30th birthday I invited him to come and perform, the show was amazing.

Lost track for a while, mostly because he started touring a lot for his music and I started hearing mutterings, every once and a while something on the CBC about him.

Last year for a while we were neighbours and when he was in town it was great to go over to his place and talk the shit. Half the time he's just making shit up, but then it's even deeper! :P

Words been getting out, this guy is talented. DJ, Filmmaker, Musician, Magician, oh, did I forget really excellent Photographer too? Forgetaboutit! Check out his web site for some of that action. All around creative and inventive dude I tell you!

So if you haven't been bit by this bug yet, lets see if i can fix that. He's got two Youtube pages going. Here and here. Some highlights to hook you in bellow.

Also there's his official site,, and his MySpace page here.

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posted by max at 9/06/2007 05:35:00 a.m.


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