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Sep. 11, 2007

Sea of Red

Story/Script - Rick Remender
Story/Breakdowns. - Kieron Dwyer
Art/Color work Book 1 -4 By Salgood Sam
Art/Color work Book 5 -13 By Paul Harmon
Colors for covers by Tony Moore

"Sea of Red tells the tale of a young sailor turned undead by the crew of a cursed Pirate ship, his century-spanning search for revenge and the tricks that time plays on the mind."

In 2003 I was approached to do two post Apocalypse books [1][2], and i ended up doing one of them. The Writer of the other later came to me about another project after i initially passed on the first project due to timing issues.

When Rick called and told me about Sea of Red it seemed like a great idea and i jumped on enthusiastically. The research for the book was really entertaining. The Black Galleon was based on the amusingly tragic Vasa (or Wasa). Rob Zombie was the blatant choice for Blackthroat - Rob i was told was a friend of Rick's so that was both for laughs but also good casting i say. He's my favorite of the cast.

I had a good time doing the first issue but working on the project ended up being circumstantially a bad scene. See i was also living with my ex, former partner of the 5 years before? Won't get into it but just to say doing violent bloody vampire books is actually a sort of disturbing place to be when your having that kind of situation for more than a few months.

So it pained me to bail but in the end i only did the first 4 books in the series. I like a lot of things about what we did in the book but lost the thread of the story myself and chose to bow out after book 4. The rest of the series was completed admirably by Paul Harmon.

Here's my art for book one.

Before the RED
Sea of Red is drawn with ink, brushes, markers, water [for wash], white paint and white out. The rest - gradient fills and red tinting - is done in Photoshop. Bellow is the what the last non digital stage of the art looks like.

Good Words.

"SEA OF RED is a striking piece of entertainment and should find a happy niche in the marketplace. If you like horror, vampires, pirates, or combinations thereof, pick it up and you'll be happy. Grade: A- ": Marc Mason @

"While the story of Sea of Red and its characters are quite engaging, however, it was the art that just knocked my socks off -- Intensely detailed characters and backdrops give way at key moments to more expressive, violent and shocking storytelling during the fight sequence, and the whole thing has a look and feel that is just beautiful. Sea of Red is not just a really good pirate comic or a really good vampire comic, or even a really good fusion of two genres. It's just an example of excellent comics storytelling -- 10/10": Randy Lander @

"Sam's art and colors are unlike anything I've seen in the comic medium. -- On the very first page of the book Sam grabs my attention with a great panel featuring a close up on an eye and a fish reflected clearly in the eye -- Sam handles the viscera of battle with the skills of a true professional, not pulling any punches when it comes to the details he puts down on paper. As good as Sam's art is, and it's fantastic, the story is even better... Put down the superhero comic and buy this one instead. You won't be sorry. I guarantee it." : Alex Miller @ SIMPLY REVIEWED

"...a great comic and one of my favorites of the week. Easily a 5 star comic for me. Fantastic art and a story that flows very well from panel to panel. I can see so many story opportunities coming out of this first issue, that it makes me very eager for subsequent issues to come out.": Mark Pressley @

You can buy Sea of Red, Vol. 1:
No Grave But the Sea @

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