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Sep. 30, 2007

Salgood Sam's Newer Illustration Portfolio

kalikalirough2kaliroughDick Cheney wins the crowd in '04The Bartender I Boinked at My Cousin's Bat Mitzvah Is Marrying a Law Student So Skinny I Hate HerlakeofrawstewposterMay5-6jamersmanincap002weeblewobblebliss - skinnersketchpost-exzectilloroughjune-bizbubwoommar1704002colexp004Colexp003lcolexp001Colexpcoveridea-wrapchina riseing ilolayoutmockupBlankshopposter-comjan1508_2Blankshopposter-comjan1508_1TR-DQflier - first draftTR-DQflierB - first draft talking dog kit - cutout dogtalking dog kit - template for the stands backtalking dog kit - balloontalking dog kit - the dog, on his own, nothing much to say today...TR-SPflierSide2TR-SPflierDrawn Out Apocalypses FlierDrawn Out Apocalypses webflierlogisticsstoryRivlogisticsstoryDodge-gripspring2007spacewalkindexcover4jam92700Holy Hoax, Axeman.doyouknowme56pota5-pg15Murray-embodied ennuiThe Link Between Reptiles and Birdsgabetombflowersnewpagodaroughnewcard-webbadgenewcard-webbannersneeky dee's circa 1995Ronly Teper, drawn livepaul auster sketch final?

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