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Sep. 11, 2007

Saint Sinner | my trial by fire

1993 - 1994

Saint Sinner Copyright
Clive Barker & Marvel Comics inc

Writer: Elaine Lee
Art by: Max Douglas
Editor: Marc McLaurin

In 93' after working on two issues of Night Breed for Epic [1][2], I was hired on as the artists for a new title, part of the Marvel Razorline [home of the Barkerverse] called Saint Sinner. The Razorline was a set of 4 titles conceived by horror author and film maker Clive Barker, to be marketed I was told in competition with, the then Brand new, Vertigo comics from DC,which had proved there was readership big enough for a line in horror and fantasy books.

For me this project was no small thing at all, at 22 it was the first time someone had asked me to do a monthly title. I had no idea if I was up to the monthly schedule yet, a concern I expressed to Marc a few times.

Suffice to say, it was not the best first try at a monthly book. Bla bla bla. Here's the art. Sorry, this stuff was scanned in around 98 for the web then, so the quality is not so....

An old colour rough for a poster idea,
done on my LCII in photoshop.

Cover art for book 1


(c)Embossed foil,

Cover art for book 2


(f)So, what you think, this look better with the green 'im gona get ya hands? Big improvement eh? Here's a colour rough without the changes for comparison.

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