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Sep. 11, 2007


Published by Mr Comics
Great Script by Ty Templeton & Joe O'Brien.
Coloring by Bernie Mireault [1-4] & Art Lyon [5-6]
The book was drawn by myself, Tom Fowler, Sam Agro, Gabriel Morrissette, Attila Adorjany, & Denis Rodier. Did i get everyone?

Drawn in 2005, nostalgic fun. Not my best stuff I'm afraid but i like this project quite a bit. You can buy the individual issues from this site, it's a good read! :)

I'm not shitting you, the writers got nominated a few times and everything! I'll dig up the links and add them latter. Until then, here's my art from it sans text. Enjoy.

#1: Script
For the last twenty four hours, there have been rumours and unofficial reports that San Diego is in flames, that the governor of California is dead, and that the cause of all this chaos is a talking ape named Caesar. But when the President of the United States announces that the whole thing is a hoax, no one knows what to believe.

#2: Script
As the embattled American President struggles to stop Caesar's simian revolution from spreading across the country, pentagon reporter Nora Rhodes decides to go to San Diego to discover the truth behind this ape uprising and why apes everywhere are getting smarter!

Hey you monkeys! Spread the word, Caesar is on the move!

All the Rage, Sunday, September 25 : The Mr. Mister [Ty talks to Blair Marnell about plans for Mr Comics' line up in 2006, and his plans for world Ape conquest]

Sequential, September 28 : Ty "The Guy" Speaks [Friend to apes, Bryan Munn covers the coverage]

PULSE does POTA, September 29 : TEMPLETON CREATING ON THE PLANET OF THE APES [Longish interview by Jennifer "Damn, Dirty Apes!" Contino, with the hardest working cartoonist in a bunny suit - funny humans - Ty the guy Templton!]

September 30 : Diamond [ed:shows solidarity!] and recommends Revolution on the Planet of the Apes #1

Revolution on the Planet of the Apes #1
Recommended by Jim Kuhoric
I am really excited about the launch of MR Comics' new series, Revolution on the Planet of the Apes. Everything I have seen so far - from their brilliant cover images to dazzling interior art - has screamed "this is the real deal!" No super-fancy special effects trying to cover up bad actors pretending to be angst-ridden anti-heroes. No, this is old school, in-your-face "Chuck Heston-approved" Planet of the Apes action! I can hear the haunting soundtrack from the original film in my head looking at these nostalgic images. The story begins in the city of San Diego in the near future, ablaze with the flames of ape rebellion. Caesar is back, and leading the way for the human-run planet to transform into a warlike simian culture. All of the original movie characters are back in two new stories per issue, including Cornelius, Dr. Zaius, Zira, and Taylor. Classic sci-fi fans, join me in breaking out those Apes DVDs and do your best Taylor impression with me - "get your stinking paws off me you damned dirty apes!" But be sure you get your "stinking paws" on this debut issue!

All the Rage, Sunday, October 2 : Stop The Planet of The Apes, I Want To Get Off! [Blair spotlights art for Revolutions posted on Salgood Sam's Blog and gives a big 9 out of ten bananas!]

Firing Rounds, Oct. 11, 2005 : Revolution of Planet of the Apes [A spotlight on the Revolution with Salgood "monkey boy" Sam [An excerpt of this longer interview in with him in his tree]

Comic World News, October 20 : The SEA OF RED and REVOLUTION ON THE PLANET OF THE APES Penciler talks to Michael May [Some more pretty pictures, Salgood says nice stuff about other people & talk about how clever he is, silly human]

Join the Revolutionary front and pester your local shop to reserve your copy of REVOLUTION ON THE PLANET OF THE APES #1 today!

Long Live Caesar!! Gorky the gorilla, ou

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