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Sep. 29, 2002


These are basic rates, if you have questions or special requests that fall outside of these categories, feel free to contact me at Salgood@Gmail.Com to negotiate for your commission. Size, color, and market are all determining factors, as is your budget.

Comps & Renderings
$200 - $250 depending on the complexity of the illustration

Retail Illustrations
8.5" x 11"
Black & White - $300
Colour - $500

"Convention Sketches"
Quick 10 to 20 min
B&W sketches of comic characters
and the like.

8.5" x 11"
$20 to $50
[depending on complexity]



6.875" x 10.5"

Pencil - $150/page
Inks - $150/page
Colours -$80/page
Flats -$20
Lettering - $50/page

Bundle (All of the above) - $400/page

Prices are roughly based on The Graphic Artist's Guild Handbook for Pricing and Ethical Guidelines.

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posted by max at 9/29/2002 01:47:00 a.m.

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RevolveR, the web comix anthology of Salgood Sam

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