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Sep. 22, 2007

Old Zines

I have two more Zines to share with you, this time in CBR format so you'll need to grab the popular CDisplay reader here for those.

First is the second issue of Nisrigion. A lit zine I illustrated, designed and published. It Features both the alternate covers for the issue, and the conclusion to J.F.Sugerman's futurists gonzo dystopian play Drowning. You can catch the first part in Nisrigion one, posted here in PDF form a year ago.

And the other is a sketchbook journal titled CscdcC, I'll leave the slightly embarrassing long form for you to read yourself. I've excised some unworthy early attempts to write from this, but most of it's there still.

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posted by max at 9/22/2007 12:44:00 a.m.


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