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Sep. 22, 2007

Therefore Repent! BC Launch + the Ample Free Sample Contest

The Rapture is spreading
Jim Munroe's on the road

Ok, got the planers out?
Vancouver Sept. 28th @ 7-10pm

Therefore Repent! will have it's formal BC Launch!

@ Lucky's Comics (3972 Main St., Vancouver).

He's presenting our post-Rapture graphic novel THEREFORE REPENT! along side new issues of Fred Grisholm's HATESONG, Brian Fukushima's JOBGOBLIN. And Jason Turner & Manien Bothma's True Loves 2!

Then it's back to old Hog town for Word on the street Sunday Sept 30th to present Therefore Repent! He'll be signing books at his table in Fringe Beat as well as giving a presentation called Be Your Own Boss In The World Of Publishing.

And you can also catch him participating in a panel with
Willow Dawson and Ray Fawkes called "I Have A Great Idea For A Story, But I Need An Artist!"

Get your handbook to the Apocalypse here

Write your own story with my art, maybe win a copy of the book....?

Hey sinners.

So Jim's cracked up a fun idea for a contest!....the following is from his site....

The first third of Therefore Repent! - 60 pages - is now available for your browsing pleasure.

And not only is it free to read, it's also free to use: we're licencing the jpg versions of these as remixable under this Creative Commons licence.

So, if you've ever wondered what'd it'd be like to be the writer of a comic book and work with as talented an artist as Salgood Sam, now you can.

Download them from this site, and open the pages up in Photoshop or Gimp to replace my words with more interesting ones.

Colour the pictures.

Use the images as graphics for your non-commercial projects. Send the results to us and we'll put 'em up on the site: even better, we'll send
the three most inspiring remixes a free book.

So are you Game?
I'd love to see what you can come up with...


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