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Sep. 11, 2007

Armageddon Blues was the story of
two punk girls, Liz and Al.

Max Douglas 1990

When I was around 19 I started working on a few book ideas that were directly influenced by Los Bros Hernandez Love and Rockets. This was one of those.

It was also inspired by a number of books I'd read, in terms of tone and pace. In particular I was thinking a lot about Lewis Shiner's Slam [a book I have always thought would be great fun to adapt to comics form].

Armageddon Blues was the story of two punk girls, Liz and Al, who were templated on an assortment of, nice young ladies I knew hanging out in the bars of Kensington in the late 80's in Toronto.

Liz is the one with the big hair and war paint. A bike courier she was meant to be the more emotionally secure, angry 'genXer' of the two. A nice smart girl from a good home [Ha! Says Liz] who was pissed to find not all was fair and light in the real world. For her, aside from her relationship with Al, the plot of the story was to be essentially about her political awakening.

Al is a few years younger, 17 maybe. She's a bit more twisted inside, confused about her sexuality, and with some serious scars from her abusive past. Not at ease with boys or girls, she's infatuated with Liz. She's a whirling dervish, a bomb going off a few times a day.

There was more to all this but after 15 pages I stopped working on this book feeling totally uncertain about my abilities to competently write the story.

Maybe one day I'll find my way back to Liz and Al and tell their story.


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