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Aug. 19, 2007

TCAF report

Hey all

So a quick report from the front. Had a bit of a nasty bus ride, but after a few hours sleep the launch went really well. Met up with Jim, Claudia Dávila, and her husband Michael at the tequila book worm, worked out how to use the space and hung our art. Went to reunite with my lovely lady friend after two weeks apart, then after a bit of a brake it was back to the bookworm and things picked up really fast after 8.

GREAT turn out, my only complaint is that I got kind of trapped in the corner of the room and didn't really get to say hi to a lot of people I'd have liked to. There are a few shots here, taken by my mother so a bit biased in subject but...

Jim tells me we moved a very satisfying number of books, and everyone was really enthusiastic about it.

Friday the Doug Wright awards were not the most exciting presentation but more than saved by a hour or so long conversation between Chester Brown, Joe Matt, and Seth. The trio were reunited after not seeing each other for 4 years. Here's where I'd have liked to link you to a recoding of the thing, but unfortunately I had a misshape with my mp3 recorder and so it's lost to the ages. Although not really. The NFB was there, they are doing something involving Seth, and filmed the event. Brad tells me they might be about to provide the TCAF site with an audio copy of the proceedings. Breath baited?

So, then there was an odd after party that seemed, well, kind of high end for our lot. I don't drink but even so, $6 beers and swanky surroundings is not the sort of thing you plop a bunch of cartoonists into and expect them to be laid back.

Day one of TCAF was great till late in the day. Old Victoria Collage is an Incredible space, classic and classy. The Shear number of interesting things to look at is overwhelming. At some point today I'll try to take some photos.

At our table things motored along really well. Lots of copies sold, Jim even had to go home to restock midway through the day!

The caveat of the day was after a very refreshing energy drink full of vitamins and berry juice, I was feeling really energetic, and went down the stairs a bit too fast. Right foot slipped on the last few and my left paid the price. My ankles all swollen now, bit of a nasty sprain. But I can still hobble fairly well, and Im thinking a cheep cain might be just the thing.

So it's off to the show again, if you haven't gone yet I urge you to do so.



PS: For more Bryan has made a Day One post here on Sequential.

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