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Aug. 31, 2007

Cool stuff on the web

Trying to work on an idea that's not wanting to come up just now.

Laid up still, I've been killing time the last few days with a lot of web surfing. Thought I'd share a few interesting links.

Top of the list, a new Comics Forum, founded to fill the gap being left by the Engine, which goes down tonight. Called Panel and Pixel it's already cooler than the Engine was in my books, so I'm happy about that.

Also I've just discovered the Google Blog Search, and found some cool links there. Designer Jack Schulze really liked Sea of Red and used it as part of a neat presentation about comics at Interesting 2007, you can see/read it here. That's very flattering, I'm glad he enjoyed that

I also found this slightly overwhelmingly good review of my newest work here on the Guild of Outsider Writers site, by Victor Schwartzman. Thanks Victor, sorry about your mother, I'm honoured if our book helped lift your spirits like that even a bit.

Also found another good one here on the SpaceBlog.

ok, now i have to get back to trying to build this story about the Atlas for the chicken brain. [podcast]

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posted by max at 8/31/2007 08:32:00 p.m.


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