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Jun. 9, 2007

Some recent work

Hey all, hows the spring treating ye-all? Pretty summer like here, steamy!

Just taking a sec to show off a cool action sequence from the last chapter I'm pleased with!

Still got a lot to do but the bulk of it is behind me, a good feeling. Hope to have some proper PR type copy stuff and word on publishing deals and the like, but for now If your keen to you can read the first 40+ pages of the book here on ComicSpace

If you like what you see there Jim and I would love it if you shared the link with a few friends or blog about it.

Also have a look here on ComicSpace, I've post'ed all the stories from my 2002 book RevolveR One there now, lots of reading material there.


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posted by max at 6/09/2007 10:00:00 p.m.


Blogger Daniel said...

WOW!!! Love the details and rendering!!

6/12/2007 10:51:00 p.m.  
Blogger max said...

Thanks Daniel!

6/13/2007 10:33:00 p.m.  

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