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May 9, 2007


I just inked
page 105!

Hey all, been quite here for a while, i've been busy with the book, had a bit of a crisis with the script but it's all been fixed now.

Can finally say as well; the book will be exactly
150 pages of awesome coolness!

I am very pleased with almost everything about this project, except for that I'm having to go into double time to get the last 40 pages done in time, looking ok, feelin' good. But it's going to be a running pass off for editing and getting this thing off in time for a Launch.

Which by the way, will be a part of the festivities at
TCAF in Toronto this August.

We had a strip in
Festival, TCAF's Free Comic Book Day Offering this year, and i've been getting a big wave of hits here as of Saturday, so that's pretty cool.

If you're one of my new visitors let me say Hi! Have a look around, if your curious about the Novel Therefore Repent by Jim and I, you can read a large preview of the story here on Comic Space. Please let me know what you think!

That reminds me, I'm looking for one or two more volunteers for help in editing this book for errors and lettering readability, and also compiling an email list for sending out early preview links for reviewers, building up some buzz hopefully for August.

In either case you'll get to read the book via a privet site before anyone else sees it. If you're interested drop me a line as well.

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posted by max at 5/09/2007 01:35:00 a.m.


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