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Mar. 30, 2007

Holy Hoax, Axeman.

Holy Hoax, Axeman., originally uploaded by Maxim.

One last Illo for the Road. Kitchen Sink Magazine is closing up shop, sadly. This is from a letter from my editor Nicole.

"At this point, you may have already heard about the fall of Kitchen Sink. Yes, it is true. Kitchen Sink will be no longer after this last issue #16. With the fall of the IPA, and the current climate for independent media, we constantly struggle with the printing bill. We’ve been doing this thing for four years now, the whole elastic-section-definition thing, the all-volunteer thing, the new writers thing, the copious illustrations thing, the subjective-takes-on-everything-from-Buffy-to-Bush-to-what-have-you thing. After KS16’s big bang, we’ll catch our breath and decide what to do next with NLCAP."

So that's it. This last one for the magazine from me will accompany a story by David Jasper.

It was fun while it lasted, RIP Kitchen Sink Magazine

posted by max at 3/30/2007 07:15:00 p.m.


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