RevolveR, the web comix anthology of Salgood Sam

Mar. 5, 2007

Another dose...?

Been following the story?
Read the latest instalments, page 25 to 32,
starting here
on Comic Space here.
To go to the start go here.

Also, got some cool news this week - the segment of the book published on comicspace so far represents the contents of RevovleR2, a small run I did of my personal anthology for Expozine 07. So it turns out RevolveR2 has been nominated for the Expozine Alternative Press Award for best comic this year!
Cool beans. I'll be a the big galla this wen, see you there if your in town maybe?

As well, it might be of interest for those of you who like good art to check out this tangential post on the topic here on Jim's blog...


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posted by max at 3/05/2007 02:24:00 p.m.


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RevolveR, the web comix anthology of Salgood Sam

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