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Feb. 13, 2007

Radical Self Revelations

A few entries back i posted a link to this interesting invitation from Clive Thompson on

Radical Transparency has been one of those ideas that's wandered about in the back of my head for a long time, and i remain pretty conflicted about the idea.

On one hand I have lived a portion of my life online for going on 14 yrs now.

Computer camp to Bulletin boards to email to the web I was not much more than a dabbler till around 99, but from then on it's been a significant part of my carrier as a artist to use this forum as the primary way of getting my work out into the world.

In part it's also why I've had a not so secret identity - a bit of a joke with myself and a bit of a shield for the ego to make dealing with the ups and downs of self-promoting a bit more manageable.

I've fumbled around the balance of public and privet and tend it seems to favour privacy in my own life.

At first this was a consequence of minimizing my self-conscious embarrassment over the obvious side effects of being dyslexic - even with the red lines, revealed & reviled still look
at times the same to me.

But over time
I've also had to discover where my comfort zone
for being any kind of public personality lay.

I've had missteps and resolved a lot of questions for myself about this, and it remains an issue that captures my wandering attentions frequently.

I've also watched as people around me have revealed themselves via the net, to varying degrees, with all kinds of unexpected and not always good consequences.

Objectively - and there fore abstractly - I have come to prefer the ideal of Radical Transparency in our civic lives without question.

But I just read this very interesting article by Emily Nussbaum [thanks again to Clive for the link].

A whole other kettle to me.

But maybe a un self-conscious self-aware upright naked ape is just what the doctor ordered.

Maybe this is the cultural evolution the revolution failed to bring.

I don't know,
I-m not committed to that line of thought,
but it has the taste to me
of a bit of prophecy.

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posted by max at 2/13/2007 02:12:00 a.m.


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