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Feb. 7, 2007

just in case you missed this....

From Nature

Fourth round of IPCC pins down blame for global warming

In what may be the most eagerly awaited weather forecast of all time, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) today released its most recent assessment of the state of climate change around the world.

The report, a consensus document put together by 600 scientists and agreed by representatives of 113 countries, predicts continued warming of 0.2 ℃ per decade for the coming few decades.

Over the twenty-first century it predicts a range of 1.1-2.9 ℃ warming in a scenario with low emissions of greenhouse gases, and 2.4-6.4 ℃ in a high-emissions scenario. The warming is expected to be greatest over land and in the north, and the chance of heat-waves increasing in frequency is greater than 90%.

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