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Feb. 22, 2007

inky fingers

Years ago now, back when I lived in Toronto and worked at Nelvana Animation Studios, I first learned how to use a brush as a BG inker on Sam and Max.

I was already seen as a brushy heavy blacks artist by my peers and superiors even know i only used markers and pens, so it was assumed I was already qualified when they asked me to join the crew, and the fact that the senior designer had asked for me made it all the more attractive despite the fact that i had not ever yet used a brush with any regularity.

Who you know is everything in the arts world and I had spent some of my brakes chatting with this interesting character who sat in a cubical a row over from mine hid away in the back. Goran was a former Yugoslavian soldier who had spent some time in jail for refusing to fight in the post perestroika ethnic civil wars in his region.

He liked to play that dark past up a bit but he wasn't creepy about it, entertaining company and an amazing, fast and talented artist & draftsmen. He had down pat a kind of heavy brushwork that I have always admired.

He was the main designer for Sam and Max, and my job as an inker was to ape his style as closely as I could for the BG inking, so I spent some time watching him work and them just had to go do it.

Fortunately I took to it pretty fast and would have had a great time if not for some crazy office politics on the gig.

It did make a big difference in the feel of my art from then on, I can still see where Goran's example is still directing me to this day in some reaspects, amongst others.

I just found a short vid of him doing some quick and dirty inking on YouTube that reminded me of all this, have a look see, and then maybe go see his blog too, some very cool images there as well.

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