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Feb. 4, 2007


So have you been into Comic Space yet?

In the mould of Myspace it's a community specific site for comic creators, publishers, retail and readers.

It includes a section for publishing your stories online and mini add banners.

I set up a page there and plan on publishing some old material and portions of my current work for your reading pleasure gratis. I'll be having books published this summer and fall, so I’m planning to use the site to promote that work.

It's pretty cool, free, and includes a time release posting system, allowing you to upload large segments of a story, and leak them out say, daily or weekly? Very easy to use and it's proving to be a very positive community too. Along with bulletin posting to 'friends' and optional public notice board pages; & Gallery Posting threads to let readers follow your stories; there is also a biding system for mini banner add space throughout the site provided by as well.

I've found Myspace very useful, but as a visual artist you tend to get a bit lost in with all the bands. The site directly caters to the scenes needs online, and I'm also finding a lot of people are finding me on Comic Space & then following links through to do so on the other as well, consolidating some of the disparate networks of artists on Myspace.

Very effective organic networking. Can't say yet how much it will help but I'm sure it will.

No, I wasn't paid, but I think the site is a great idea being made real by Josh Roberts & co.

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posted by max at 2/04/2007 12:28:00 a.m.


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